Call Handling Features - Budget Numbers

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woman-headsetPhone numbers have become a more and more customisable as technology has developed. 90% of the numbers we sell have an additional feature attached to them so that the phone number works harder for the user.

Here is a list of the additional services that we currently provide on our number ranges


Call Whisper

Call Whisper allows the person answering the phone to hear a short bespoke audio announcement when they pick up an inbound call. This allows the person picking up the phone the option of answering in a different manner.

For example, if Joe Bloggs Plumbers just has a mobile phone that he uses for business and personal use we could place a NGN on top of the mobile line with a call whisper. Therefore, when he picks up he could hear the word “plumber” that way he could answer “Joe Bloggs Plumbers” giving a more professional image. The person calling doesn’t hear this message, they just hear another ring whilst they are waiting.


Voicemail to Email

When the line is engaged or not answered the caller is connected to a voicemail service which can be personalised with a recorded greeting. The caller’s message will be forwarded as a sound file to a chosen email address which can then be listen to.

This service is ideal if you want callers to be able to leave a message when you are unavailable to take their call.


Fax to Email

We allocate a fax number (either a 0844 or 0871 number) and any fax sent to this number is converted to a fax image file. This is immediately emailed to the customers email inbox.  This saves having to get a separate BT line and means that the fax can be printed whenever it’s required. One of the major benefits is if that faxes can be seen on a smart phone or laptop.

This only works for inbound faxes though.


Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist gives automated call handling which directs the customers to the right place via a simple menu system. For example the caller would be greeted with a bespoke welcome message and then hear a number of options “press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts”.

This is a great time saving product as the customer can elect who they wish to speak to meaning the call is handled efficiently. There are a potential 10 options on this product and it can lead to other Virtual Receptionists when any Option is pressed.


Call Recording

Call Recording means that inbound calls can be recorded for compliance, training or quality purposes. The system creates an audio file which is immediately emailed to the customers email inbox to be listened to or stored accordingly.

All recordings are backed up on our network in multiple locations.


Time, Day, Date Plan

Time, Day, Date routing offers the ability to route calls differently depending on the time of day, the time of week and on certain days. The systems also integrates bespoke messages to advise the caller what to do for example “I’m sorry our offices are closed please call back during our open hours Monday to Friday  etc, or please leave a message and we will get back to you”.

Alternatively calls can be diverted to other phone lines out of hours so no calls are missed.


Geographic Area Routing (Zone Routing)

Geographical Area Routing is a bespoke service that enables callers from all around the UK to be routed to different branches depending on where they are calling from. There are over 600 telephone exchanges in the UK and the customer would have to decide where they would like the call diverted to for each one.

So for example should a call originate from a 0161 Manchester exchange then the system could send this to the local Sheffield office. Whilst a call from the 01483 Guildford exchange may go to the London office.

This service is ideal if you want calls to be handled by staff and offices based nearby or serviced by those areas.


Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery means that the customer has access to an online portal so they can handle incoming calls in a different manner in the event of unforeseen circumstances. For example, if snow prevents staff from getting to work then the calls can be diverted to an alternative location or phone numbers. The system can be configured to recognise that the main line isn’t working and automatically divert the calls in a different way.

This service is ideal if you want to plan ahead for those unexpected problems which could otherwise severely impact upon your customer service and sales calls.