What is Number Porting?

If you have a Non-Geographic 0800/0845/0844/0871/03 and 01/02 number then you can move (or ‘Port’) your number to us . We have porting agreements with several carriers so will have no problem porting your number to us.

If you port your number to us you will benefit from -

Save 50% on your current providers charges
Earn a larger rebate on your 0844 & 0871 numbers
No disruption to your service during the porting process
Access to an online portal to manage your number/s including re-targets
Monthly call statistics

What should you do next?

Budget Numbers manage the porting process, however make sure that you -

  1. Download the Porting form Budget Numbers Porting Form
  2. Fill in the Customer Information section with Company name, Address, Account
  3. Enter your number(s) to be ported with the target numbers
  4. Sign, date & print the form on your company headed paper
  5. Fax the authorisation letter, porting form and recent invoice/bill from your current supplier to 03333 222 124

We contact your existing provider for you and will submit your porting request for you.

Numbers take around 2 weeks to port.